Design & Build

At C2 Gauge & Fixture, we strive to produce the highest quality machined components in the safest, most efficient manner possible while still ensuring on-time delivery of your products.

Our 5,000 square foot design and 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Kentwood, Michigan allows us the ability to provide all services in-house and to control all aspects of quality, delivery and cost.

Design Services

CAD design photo

We work in all typical CAD file formats: PRT, IGS, STP, STL, XT, SMZ, DWG, DXF, DWX, CATIA-V5 . Data can be securely transferred electronically (contact us for details). We will provide a complete parts list in addition to assembly costs, machining time (if applicable) and CMM certification.

Build Services

Partially assembled automobile instrument panel fixture

Our staff has the skill and experience to quickly and accurately assemble modular fixtures. Our experience working with modular tooling has made us familiar with the most efficient and effective construction methods.

Certification Services

Mora CMM photo

Our quality control department includes our highly accurate Mora coordinate measurement machine for certification procedures. Our CMM is periodically monitored for precision by checking them against world-class reference masters.

Manufacturing Services

Rambaudi RamSpeed B27L Vertical Machining Center
Rambaudi RamSpeed B27L Vertical Machining Center located at C2

All American Modular Tooling components are made in-house by C2 Machining in our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility – hollows, grid plates, blank blocks, machined detailed blocks, clamping and locating elements, custom attachments and more.

Visit for more information about our manufacturing capabilities.