American Modular Tooling

Design, Build, Manufacture and Inspect…

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…more accurately, more efficiently, more flexibly with the American Modular Tooling System from C2 Gauge & Fixture.
For more than a quarter century, American Modular Tooling’s patented modular fixture system has helped designers and manufacturers ensure the absolute dimensional integrity of parts and products. Modular design and unmatched rigidity meant that critical tolerances could be checked with absolute confidence.

C2 GAUGE & FIXTURE makes the revolutionary AMT system available again – and it’s better than ever, backed by the institutional strength and proven expertise of C2 Machining. The AMT system lets companies configure ultra-rigid fixtures quickly, reconfigure them as needed and maintain absolute confidence in the integrity of measurements. That means optimal product quality and process efficiency – and total peace of mind.

What Can You Do With American Modular Tooling

Work Holding! From the smallest to the largest, the most simple to the most complex, American Modular Tooling can hold virtually any part in any position required by the job at hand. Base Plates, Hollows, Special Duty components, locating and clamping elements, connection elements, tools, storage and fixturing kits all make American Modular Tooling a great addition to lean, efficient methods of high accuracy framing and manufacturing.

Who Can Use American Modular Tooling?

  • Clay Studios
  • Pre-prototype
  • Prototype
  • Weld
  • Production Checking Fixtures
  • Production Assembly
  • Layout Work-holding
  • CMM Work-holding
  • Inspection Work-holding
  • Assembly
  • Drill Templates
  • Any industry that requires precise work-holding

What Can You Build with American Modular Tooling?


  • CMM Holding Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Body Stacks
  • Cube Ups
  • Checking Fixtures
  • Production Fixtures

Gauging Fixtures

  • Attribute Gauges
  • SPC / Indicators
  • Hand Apply
  • Master Buck with Attributes
  • Check Rails

Work Holding

  • Drill Templates
  • Assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Trim
  • Rivet
  • Clay Studio Armatures
  • Preprototype and prototype

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